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1. How Business Owners Can Earn the Loyalty of Their Millennial Workers
As an entrepreneur, I have been lucky enough to reside in a bubble, of sorts, that is full of small business optimism. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), small business optimism is nearing an all-time high. Business is booming, in spite of the changing tax law landscape, and smaller startups remain a backbone within the U.S. economy. For non-entrepreneurs, the outlook is a bit more grim. The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey reveals that millennials, a generation set to inherit the global...
Origional Story Date :10/16/2018
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Small Business | Employee Loyalty
2. Is Your Startup Ready for Equity Crowdfunding? 7 Questions to Ask
f all you know of crowdfunding for startups is the world of Kickstarter, you’re missing out on a booming opportunity to raise money online. Equity crowdfunding (aka crowdinvesting) is not right for every startup, but for some entrepreneurs, it can be a terrific way to raise capital and get great investor expertise for your small business. How is equity crowdfunding different from Kickstarter-style, rewards-based crowdfunding? One important difference: Rewards-based crowdfunding is usually for a specific product or project...
Origional Story Date :10/15/2018
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3. Fixing the Sales-Ready Lead Problem with Better Nurturing
A quick google search for lead nurturing confirms what you probably already know, dear marketing friend: things are pretty bleak out there in terms of our overall efficiency. Marketers and salespeople alike are working toward the holy grail of a funnel full of hyper-qualified leads that drive unprecedented revenue, but it’s clear that somewhere along the way we’re getting off track. When a google search reveals a heap of stats like these: 80% of leads never translate into sales 61% of leads deemed “sales-ready” never become prospects...
Origional Story Date :10/21/2018
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4. Trade Show Displays: A Buyer's Guide
A good trade show display is a necessity to showcase what your business has to offer and also grab the attention of other show attendees – prospective customers and clients. Without an eye-catching display, you'll miss the many opportunities for networking at a trade show. "A trade show display is a highly visible statement about a company and its products," said Laurie Pennacchi, CEO of ExpoMarketing, a trade show display company. "The company benefits from having a display by attracting visitors at shows that generate leads."...
Origional Story Date :10/21/2018
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5. 10 Video Marketing Mistakes A Good Marketer Should Avoid
A famous adage goes like this, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Whatever you do, it is quite important that you know what you are doing and you do it right. Same is the case for your video marketing strategy as well. Video marketing today is like a fast and competitive game. If you are likely to make any mistakes, then there is no winning. A poor quality video marketing campaign can do more harm than good to your video as well as your business. Remember the video you make reflects your brand. Hence, getting it right is indeed crucial. With 87% of online marketers using video content to...
Origional Story Date :10/16/2018
Editorial | SmallBizTechnology
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6. Small Business Beware: Employee Devices are Risks You Didn't Realize
Here’s a scenario: you enter an elevator with several other people. One of those people, you find out after the doors close has the flu – which you didn’t discover until that “minor” cough in the elevator became two weeks of bed rest. And you weren’t the only one that was infected. Another person on that elevator also became sick, and you know of at least one other person who the bug was passed onto. Cybersecurity issues at small businesses (SMBs) are comparable to the elevator scene. Everyone’s personal devices carry...
Origional Story Date :10/16/2018
Editorial | SmallBizTechnology
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