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Small Business Solution Journal

The Premise
Starting and operating a small business in today’s globalized economy presents unique risks and opportunities. These entrepreneurs and C-level managers must face all the same challenges of their enterprise-level colleagues, but do so with fewer resources, less time and usually fewer people to confide in for advice. For these executives relevant industry news, case studies and best practices gives them a fighting chance to compete against larger rivals. But who has time to read magazines, search websites or listen to lectures when there’s payroll to make this Friday?

The Solution
Small Business Solution Journal from Solution Publishing leverages our patent pending SmartStream technology canvases over 200 publications and news sources for content specifically relevant to small business. These stories are then delivered in digest format each week via email. Each executive indicates their specific interests by the articles they click. Within a short time, SmartStream learns the specific business interest profile of each reader then customizes the stories in each issue to be a perfect match.

Unique Product
One entrepreneur may be dealing with recruiting and payroll issues while another small business executive is concerned with management and motivation. Each reader receives their own custom built issue of SBSJ with stories selected from the world of business content. Now small business executives can cancel their paid subscriptions let SBSJ save them a world of time by delivering all the news they need directly to their inbox.

User Friendly
Best of all, the only thing required to train Small Business Solution Journal to work for you is to use it. After you register, just click on the headlines of interest to you. We can’t wait to learn what you want and need to read. Make SBSJ work for you.

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Byron Crowell,
Small Business Solution Journal


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